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I come from an incredible family of Artists, Actors, Writers, Producers, Directors, Film Makers, Wildlife Enthusiasts, Environmental Advocates, Singers, Musicians, and Spiritual Seekers. I'm so proud to be apart of this phenomenal tribe and as a family we seek to inspire each other and the world around us with our talents and dreams. 

Vanessa Boshoff is an TV host, wildlife naturalist, director/producer, world traveler, adventure guide and above all a mother of 2 boys. She lives in Panama and Montana, working as a Producer and Creative Developer for VisionHawk films. In the past, she has created environmental and social education programming that was distributed free of charge to local channels in 60 countries, in order to spark positive changes. Working alongside other foundations such as UNICEF, the Red Cross, TNC and WFP, Smithsonian and National Wildlife Federation, Vanessa is committed to continually strive towards a sustainable future for the planet. She has had 2 series on Animal Planet, and continually works with many networks as talent, host, and producer and now has a youtube channel with Ranger Rick and her boys, Cam and Rio. Vanessa grew up in Buffalo Valley in the shadow of the Teton Range and the entrance to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. She was raised on a dude ranch in a combination of cowboy naturalists and artsy theatre gurus, Vanessa's parents nurtured her desires for a career incorporating film and music mixed with her love for the wild world of animals and exotic travel. ​Now with 2 little boys in tow and a South African husband, they travel and work as a family to promote getting families outside and into nature.

Cowgirl Singer Actress Producer Free Spirit

Born in the wilds of Wyoming raised on the back of a horse and in the spotlight of the stage, it was Jessica's destiny to mold her lifestyle into a way she could do both her loves; performing while keeping a western lifestyle. At seventeen she endured a life changing accident that left me questioning my true purpose. While spending 9 months in a hospital bed with her legs above her heart and unable to fit under a piano, the instrument her had played most my life, she taught myself to play guitar. Jess began writing songs of life, healing, and her deep love of Wyoming. Since then she have had the amazing opportunity of working alongside many awesomely talented artists, Reba McEntire, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Terri Clark, Don Edwards, Luke Bell, Aaron Watson, Skip Ewing, James Dean Hicks, just to name a few. After living in the "real" world with record deals in cities like Nashville, London, Florida, and traveling the world to China, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica it was Wyoming with its wide open spaces, wind swept plains and peaking mountains that beckoned her back. Jess has created a happy life with her sweet loving hot hubby and beautiful son, living on the banks of the Wind River, writing, performing, mom-ing, wifing, and being true to herself. 

Cowboy Actor Director Producer

Creed Garnick appears to be living the American dream. From a humble upbringing, Creed was raised in the wild west - a true American cowboy. Fulfilling a lifelong ambition he was accepted to the prestigious acting program at Julliard. But never in his wildest dreams did he imagine he would land a starring role in a Tony award winning play on Broadway. He quickly came to realize that the choices he would have to make to pursue his dream would make him question himself as a man. Raised on a ranch, Creed grew up with his parents and seven brothers and sisters. As the first born son there was an unspoken expectation that he would carry on the family legacy. Under the watch of his charismatic and determined father Cameron Creed became a capable rider and rodeo star. He lived by the cowboy's creed, which taught him to finish everything that he started and to live with integrity. Although he felt a weight of responsibility to carry on the fast disappearing ways of the west and take over the ranch, he knew that it was on the stage that he felt most alive When his father died unexpectedly while out riding, Creed's world was turned upside down. Suddenly the choices that were in front of him were not so clear. This poignant documentary traces Creed's life from childhood to manhood, from the range to the stage, and makes us realize that none of us is just one thing.

Golden Garnick

Actor Cowboy Singer Spiritual Seeker

Actress Writer Dreamer Cowgirl Animal Lover

Cheyenne is the youngest of the Garnick clan, whoever created us saved the best for last. Growing up she was known to often speak in animal tongues, run faster on all fours, hide in cozy nests, or be wandering round the back-country. She always had either a book or a journal in hand, her imagination only harnessed by pen and paper. Cheyenne spent half her summers in Dubois, WY at her father's dude ranch as a wrangler, and the other half in Jackson Hole at her mother’s live dinner theatre. When she’s out on a horseback ride she’ll be heard singing anything from Marty Robbin’s ballads to Julie London’s lullabies. Even though her heart belongs to the trees and mountains, a part of her belongs art, to creation in all of its forms. Throughout the years she has won multiple honorable mentions from Young Authors, scholarships to the Writer’s Conference, and even a poetry workshop with Poet Laureate W.S. Merwin.  Her heart roles have been Anybody’s in West Side Story, The Drowsy Chaperone, and Jane Eyre. Cheyenne had the best of both worlds growing up, surrounded by nature and art. The last few years have been spent in Manhattan, Ny., Bellingham and Orcas Island Wa., recuperating and building her resources. She has learned a lot in her short life, mostly to spend as much time outside creating and simply BEING with loved ones as she can.

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