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Blood Moon eclipse

Updated: Feb 2, 2018

The Super Blood Moon Eclipse on January 31st marked the end of the six month cycle linked to the Solar Eclipse of August 21st 2017. Like any new moon, a solar eclipse represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. An #eclipse cycle of six months. The solar eclipse August 2017 #astrology points to bold, confident changes leading to long term success. The goals, concerns, and actions we took (or were thinking of taking) during that new moon will come to fruition at the #fullmoon on Jan. 31 2018. Goals set on the #newmoon will come full circle on the full moon six months later. It's all about stepping into your #power just like the full moon did on the 31st. Full moon eclipses illuminate everything that has culminated over the last six months, so there will be a break through of some kind to radically change the course of your life.

As I look back at the last six months of my life, it has in fact been the most change i've experienced since 2008. The eclipse on August 21st was one of the most incredible rare wonders I have ever witnessed. I also didn't realize the power of the eclipse and the energy shift it was going to have on my life.

Here is my journal entry and pictures of my experience of the Eclipse in August.

JOURNAL ENTRY 8/21/2017:

I felt exhausted today. My body felt achy and all I wanted to do was sit around in my pjs and watch Netflix with Willow. There was a different sort of energy in the air today and I could feel it with my whole body. There was hype about the town being overwhelmed with people and cars and I was sure that I wasn't going to make it out anywhere without pedestrian and traffic jams. So I lounged a while around my house drinking tea and just enjoying my day off. The eclipse was going to go off in about an hour and a half and I knew I had to muster up some energy to go out and see it. I was struggling with wether I should just watch it from back yard or try to go somewhere in nature to really experience it. After a half an hour of back and forth in my crazy head trying to figure out what to do, (still in my pjs) I grabbed my journal, my wool blanket, my thermos of tea, my eclipse glasses, my dog and headed out the door. I knew in my heart that this was an experience I needed to have surrounded by nature.

It felt like a ghost town. No cars driving anywhere, the sidewalks and street corners were empty. I drove just a little ways from my house to the base of the mountain that overlooks the town. I thought maybe here I would encounter allot of people, but as I scaled the side of the mountain I saw no one. This was amazing to me and I felt excited that I could sit and meditate in peace and really take in this experience. I found a cliff ledge and spread my Woolrich blanket out and made myself a little sanctuary spot over looking the town. I didn't have much time now before the eclipse so I settled in, my dog by my side, to meditate and set my intentions. As I focused on my breath and connected my body to the ground, I started to feel the energy of the Earth so very strong as it pushed me back and forth, a force maybe I had never felt so vividly in my life. I allowed my body to rock with the rhythm of the energy and focused on my intentions of being present and open to new experiences in the next year, to manifest my desires, and be open to all new possibilities in my life.

As the moon started to pass fully in front of the sun, the Earth started to pause and hush. The light dimmed and a chill came over my whole body as an overwhelming sense of peace and calm enveloped the valley. It felt cool and eery. Then the full eclipse happened....... The Earth went dark..... a complete hush fell. I felt overwhelmed by the silence the darkness and the intense energy that was circulating around me. Willow sat alert by my side completely aware of what was happening. No birds were flying or chirping, no rustle of the breeze and not even an insect seemed to be making a move. Just complete silence!!! All I could do was cry with awe. I felt so at peace and at the same time overpowered by intense energy. Then the roars of cheers started from people throughout the valley. It was so #powerful!!!! This incredible moment where millions of people were all experiencing this phenomenon at the same exact time. Everyone's energy and attention acutely focused on this moment was humbling and energetically something i've never experienced before.

I couldn't help the tears as they streamed down my face and I began to feel dizzy. My heart was palpitating hard out of my body. I could feel the calm presence of everything around me especially Willow. I have never felt so overwhelmed and in awe as in those 22 seconds. I wish the moment had lasted longer. I felt a sense of assurance and peace that everything was ok and is working out as it should....

Since those few moments on Aug 21st, my life did radically change and as I look back at it, more so than I could have perceived at the time. I'm immensely grateful for these moments in my life that pave openings and shifts for my future. I always want to remain open and have faith in change and not resistant to the flow of life. That I can ride the currents instead of fighting them. The best gift I received in the last six months was the awareness of the power I have always had inside of me. The courage to say #YES and to step into my life. To make choices that feel uncomfortable in the moment but are powerfully significant to the evolution of my desires.

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