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The show’s songs are an enjoyable mix of styles and moods, from the irreverent setup “Populism Yea Yea” and “Illness as Metaphor” where we get a Susan Sontag reference to a sobering “Ten Little Indians” and heartrending “The Great Compromise” (the latter sung so touchingly by Nashville newcomer Savanna Garnick, whose voice is the welcome-to-the-ear audial equivalent of clear water cascading gently and evenly down mountain rocks).The key newcomer is Savanna Garnick, cast as Rachel Jackson, the put-upon and publicly pilloried first lady-elect who dies before her husband can take the oath of office. Garnick brings a sultry sense of melancholy to the role, which she plays well, counter to all the parody. She sings sensitively, too.

Bloody bloody
andrew jackson

Miners, brawls, pretty girls, love, romance, maritime disasters, and Meredith Willson's music and lyrics - The Unsinkable Molly Brown is the rags to riches love story of Molly and Leadville Johnny Brown, owners of the richest mine in the U.S. at the turn of the 20th century. A comedic yet honest commentary on the classes and the human spirit of the Colorado settlers, this grand musical is a tour de force with rousing and sentimental songs and dances reminiscent of the times.

The unsinkable
molly brown

Annie Oakley is the best shot around, and she manages to support her little brother and sisters by selling the game she hunts. When she's discovered by Col. Buffalo Bill, he persuades this novel sharpshooter to join his Wild West Show. It only takes one glance for her to fall head over heels for dashing shooting ace Frank Butler, who headlines the show. She soon eclipses Butler as the main attraction which, while good for business, is bad for romance. Butler hightails it off to join a rival show, his bruised male ego leading the way, but is ultimately pitted against Annie in a final shoot-out. The rousing, sure-fire finale hits the mark every time in a testament to the power of female ingenuity.

Annie Get
Your Gun

Lead/Rachel Jackson           Street Theatre Company

Lead/Annie Oakley                Jackson Hole Playhouse

Lead/Cat Ballou          Jackson Hole Playhouse

Lead/Molly Brown          Jackson Hole Playhouse

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

Annie Get Your Gun

The Unsinkable

Molly Brown

Cat Ballou


Honky Tonk Angels                                                Lead/Sue Ellen                   Jackson Hole Playhouse



America's Hit Parade                                           Featured Singer/Dancer         Grand Majestic Theater



Grease                                                                    Lead/Rizzo                            Jackson Hole Playhouse



Steel Magnolias                                                     Lead/Shelby                         Main Stage Theater Company



Oklahoma                                                              Supporting/Ado Annie          Jackson Hole Playhouse

Crimes of the Heart                                    Lead Lenny                                 NY Film Academy

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